Salvia Divinorum, Salvinorin-A

This site is intended to be an educational site about the Salvia Divinorum plant and it's increased popularity as a hallucinogen. A lot of people are looking for legal herbal highs these days, and salvia seems to be the #1 choice.

I plan to fill this site with information about the salvia plant and the powerful ingredient Salvinorin-A. In most areas it's still a legal high, a legal hallucinogen. The effects will most likely be like nothing you've ever experienced.

Now, on to the good stuff.. Like I said, salvia is legal in most of the United States, but possibly not for long, so buy it while you still can!

My favorite place to shop for Salvinorin or Salvia extract is online, where you can find an outstanding salvia selection at great prices. You can purchase bags of Salvia leaves, or the more potent Salvia extract, which comes in different strengths and is called Salvinorin-A, which is the psychoactive principal of the plant.

Under no circumstances should you attempt to drive or operate heavy machinery while under the influence of the Salvia plant. Make no mistake about it, it is a very powerful substance. You should read and learn as much about the herb as you can before deciding that you want to experience it for yourself.

To give you some brief info about it, the Salvia Divinorum plant grows wild in areas of Mexico. The many native tribes use it in their spiritual ceremonies and for healing. Many people consider salvia to be a sacred and magical herb. Salvinorin can be used as a powerful meditation tool for greater enlightenment.

Some users report journeys to far off or other-worldly places, or meeting strange beings by consuming this hallucinogen. Communication with spirit worlds is a common effect from a salvia experience. Many people feel as though they've had an out-of-body experience while on salvia. An out-of-body experience without the help of herbal smoke may take years of training. Another reason why salvia divinorum is so poular now. The world is moving faster and people don't have time for years of yoga and meditation training, but salvia assists with the experience and helps with meditation in just minutes. Salvia can open up new ideas and new worlds through meditation.

Like I said, the effect of salvia is different for various people, just like with other substances. Some people may have a higher tolerance and require a higher dosage, while for others it may only take a very small amount of salvia to reach the desired effect. Your experiece may also differ depending on what mood you're in, or what your surroundings are like.

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